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"My dream has finally come true! After years of working with my rescue horse Bella she and I rode the trail near my property ALONE and without incident. There was a large log she hesitated passing but we got past without a hitch!! No buddy sour issues leaving the barn and no racing back to the calling friends. I am on cloud nine."

- Kathy D.


12 Training Series That GET RESULTS

12 (and counting) actionable, step-by-step video courses that cut through the fluff, simplify the process, and allow you to implement all aspects of training including...
Retail Price: $97

Included with Membership

  • ​How To Cure A Horse From Unexpectedly Bucking By Getting To The ROOT Of The Problem And Filling In The Missing Pieces Of His Understanding.
  • How To Permanently Cure A Buddy Sour Horse By Convincing Him That It's Better To Be With You Rather Than His Buddy.
  • ​How To Desensitize Your Horse To ANYTHING By Building Bravery And Confidence.
  • How To Convince Your Horse To Easily And Willingly Trailer Load By Making The Inside Of The Trailer The Best Place He Can Be.
  • ​​How To Help A Hot Horse To Slow Down By Implementing The Most Effective Speed Control Exercise In The World.
  • How To Naturally Give Life To A Lazy, Dull Horse And Make Him Always Feel Like The Winner.
  • ​And Much, Much More.
Retail Price: $97

Included with Membership

  • ​How to adjust your approach by adding or releasing pressure and recognizing when your horse isn't trying vs. not understanding.
  • ​How to be fair to your horse by always providing an opportunity to respond to the lighter cue before adding more pressure (this is what creates a light and willing horse). 
  • ​How to communicate clearly and effectively in every situation by breaking things down into smaller steps that are easier to understand.
  • ​How to always come out as your horse's hero by learning to make it his idea to willingly and naturally do what you want.
  • Create a better life for your horse by learning how to give him the dopamine release of a job well done and establish true unity.
Retail Price: $97

Included with Membership

  • ​Get your horse to focus and pay attention to you (even if he's in a new place or there are a lot of distractions) with some basic round penning exercises.
  • Convince your horse that you are worthy of his trust and respect by teaching him to keep out of your personal space.
  • ​How to avoid bucking, spooking, and bolting by teaching your horse to be O.K. with you above his back, even if he's already "broke". Many horses will allow you on their back, but it's a game changer once they actually like it.
  • How to teach your horse to be brave around objects he's unsure of through trusting you as the leader who has their wellbeing as a top priority.
  • How to establish an unbreakable bond through groundwork at liberty that builds from the ground up and transfers when under saddle.
  • The what, why and how of lunging. We'll go through why it's important, why you should do it, and what you should do for the best results.
Retail Price: $97

Included with Membership

  • ​Consistently generate predictable, positive results using the same exact 30-day plan I use on every horse.
  • ​Wake up each day with a plan instead of trying to piece together inconsistent, sometimes contradictory, information.
  • ​Eliminate problems permanently through good leadership, stop the temporary fixes, and create a sound, level-headed horse.
  • ​Stop the inconsistency of good days and bad days and make every day a good, productive day with your horse.
  • ​Rest assured that what you're doing is creating life-long positive changes while providing clarity and assurance to your horse.
  • ​Make every interaction more enjoyable when you notice consistent results every single day.
Retail Price: $97

Included with Membership

  • How to drastically decrease the chances of an unexpected buck or bolt by teaching your horse to handle pressure when spooked or encountering random objects.
  • How to train your horse to easily and willingly cross logs, streams, or any other random thing they're nervous about.
  • Useful tips that will make your trail ride more safe, more comfortable, and more fun plus I'll give you my secret fly spray formula.
  • How to eliminate problems you'll encounter on the trail like buddy sour, barn sour, always being in the front, biting, kicking and more.
  • ​And much, much more.
Retail Price: $97

Included with Membership

  • ​Your own front row seat to an entire Carson James Horsemanship Fundamentals clinic online.
  • ​Learn what to do when things go wrong by watching how I address problems when clinic participants are having trouble.
  • How to get any "method" to work by learning how to adjust your approach to fit your horse and ensure he always understands.
  • ​Build a solid foundation on essential fundamentals that every horse needs to have established no matter the breed or discipline.
  • No fluff or pre-trained horses. This is as real as it gets with people working to improve their horsemanship, become leaders, and have a good, level-headed horse.
  • ​​Watch the transformations happen in real time as people witness night and day changes in their horses.
Retail Price: $97

Included with Membership

  • Get through to your horse more effectively by adjusting your body language to break the horse-human barrier and match where the horse is at in his understanding.
  • How to build your confidence so that your horse will be able to lower his self-preservation instincts and follow you as a trustworthy leader.
  • How to get consistent, huge wins by making small, seemingly insignificant changes in your daily interactions that give your horse security and confidence.
  • How to clearly define what you're asking by speaking on the horse's level and translating what he needs from you to understand.
  • Boost every aspect of your horsemanship by fine tuning your approach and creating new opportunities to have positive experiences with your horse.
Retail Price: $97

Included with Membership

  • What every horse should know in his first 30 rides (but most don't) and why these training sessions are crucial to creating a solid foundation.
  • ​How to have an enjoyable ride every time by capturing your horse's attention and thoughts to be focused on you (the rider) instead of (sometimes unexpected) distractions.
  • How to create a responsive, light, willing horse that both stops and goes with minimal body movement or rein use from the rider.
  • Transitioning smoothly between walking, trotting and loping and why NOT doing this is one of the main causes of horse wrecks.
  • ​And much, much more.
Retail Price: $97

Included with Membership

  • How to use your horse's "emergency brakes" to come to a sudden, complete, sliding stop which can ultimately save both your lives in a bad situation (plus it looks cool).
  • Side-passing with style and speed. Combine the individual front and hind-end control of your horse to create precise lateral movements (and it looks cool).
  • How to perform beautiful flying lead changes and transition between the left and right lead while maintaining speed and control (super cool).
  • How to advance from the split rein to the neck rein for ultra responsive one-handed control of your horse (keeps one hand free for texting 😂). 
  • ​And much, much more.
Retail Price: $97

Included with Membership

  • The major differences and uses between bosals, snaffle bits, mechanical hackamores, spade bits, and shank bits. Plus I'll show you the secret to choosing the right head gear for your horse.
  • How to make sure your saddle properly fits your horse and what adjustments you can make to your saddle and pad to ensure comfort for your horse.
  • When you should transition your horse from one piece of head gear to another based on his level of training and understanding.
  • Stirrup and saddle tips that make riding easier for you and your horse and significantly increase your comfort level.
  • ​And much, much more.
Retail Price: $97

Included with Membership

  • ​A supercharge of your horsemanship by creating a steady line of communication between your hands and your horse's feet
  • ​A horse that's both light and willing because you're now using the best option for contact and connection
  • An upgraded partnership with your horse from using techniques that require you to be more understanding of how he feels and what he thinks of things
  • A better handling of your horse through the use of your seat, legs, and your entire body instead of just your hands
  • No hackamore needed. Do everything in a rope halter and get similar results!
Retail Price: $97

Included with Membership

  • Ensure you start any young horse the right way by teaching him the fundamentals and instilling good habits from the beginning
  • ​Nip problems in the bud before they ever have the chance to surface by building a solid foundation that'll last a lifetime
  • ​Take the guesswork out of it and implement the same plan I've used on hundreds of horses that never fails and guarantees outstanding results
  • ​Fine-tune and improve older horses by taking them back to the basics and filling in pieces that may be missing in their education 
  • ​Cover all your bases and build a good horse the correct way by going through everything from groundwork all the way up to the first ride
Every time you complete a training series or do another assigned "crew member" task, you'll earn a new badge and go up in rank with the crew. Badges help you keep track of your progress and motivate you to continually move forward in your training. Each badge is a digital credential that's always linked to you and displays your certification.

Handbooks, Checklists, and Guides To Make It Even Simpler

Because why not? You'll get the whole caboodle, even my book!

"Just wanna give a big thank you to Carson and his training. Me and my buddy whiskey rode through a parade today for the 4th celebrations and I would’ve never dreamed this horse would be this calm and collected through an event like this with sirens and people and floats but he did amazing. I am so proud of him!"

- Austin S.

A Searchable Database Of Problem Solving And Training Videos

For a horse that bucks? Type "bucking" in the search bar and the video index will give you every video that will help prevent your horse from bucking.

"Just had to share how proud I am of my girl today! We hit the trails solo today! Aspen has always preferred a buddy but working with her on separating from the pack on previous trail rides and giving her jobs to bring her focus back to me has all paid off. We had a beautiful 7 mile ride. She was perfect from start to finish. She was very relaxed and confident. No better feeling than the way I feel right now."

- Beth C.

A Community That Answers All Your Questions

Our members-only Facebook group is made up of 5,000+ skilled and generous horse owners, vets, and trainers who are ready to answer ALL your horse related questions  at any time, day or night.
Who Is Carson James?
My background is in Vaquero Horsemanship, and for the majority of my career, I worked on cattle ranches where I rode horses all day, every day. My knowledge comes from real life experience using traditional Buckaroo horsemanship to train horses and fix problems. I'm now taking this knowledge and experience and sharing it with horse owners online and in person at my Horsemanship Fundamentals clinics.

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If you do talk to her, please tell her to go on vacation or find some hobbies. Her email is and her phone number is 386-249-9561.
Looking forward to having you as part of our Buckaroo Crew,
P.S. I am giving you my personal guarantee that this will be the best investment you ever made for your horse, and I am so confident that you will be over the moon about the Buckaroo Crew, that I will give you all your money back if you forget to cancel your trial. I am eliminating all the risk for you. You will have nothing out of pocket. Change your life on my dime. 

P.P.S. There's literally hundreds of videos in these training series and in the video index. I could easily charge hundreds upon hundreds of dollars (like some horse trainers do, not naming names), but I want to make it accessible to people who don't live in mansions and drive Lamborghini's. For just $19.99 a month, you get unlimited access to everything right away!

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