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An Inside Look At The Secrets Of Successful Horse Training (Digital Version)
This book is a collection of 43 stories from my experiences working with horses for the past 15 years. In each chapter I point out the problem, explain what's causing the problem, and then show you how I fixed it by dealing with the root of the problem. A lot of books like this just show you step 1, 2, 3 on how to fix horse problems. This book isn't like that. This book dives deep into the psychology of the horse's brain and paints a clear picture of why the problem is happening and how to fix it using horsemanship and leadership. If your goals with your horse include building a lasting partnership and being a better, more confident leader, then this book is for you.
  •  43 chapters explaining how & what I did to help horses and their owners communicate clearer, solve problems, unlock potential, and drastically improve their horse-human relationships
  •  How to get inside the mind of your horse and discover the secrets to making things “click” so he easily understands what you’re wanting
  •  Plus each chapter has my simple sketches to help you see exactly how everything is done
Quick Solutions For Common Problems
Many times in the past when I helped someone with a horse problem, I would write down a little summary of what we did so they could remember how to do it after I left. Over time, and after helping thousands of people fix their horse problems, I had a ton of these summary's that I had written. Lately I've noticed that I was pretty much writing down the same instructions to fix each problem. So I came up with the idea to take all of them and put them into a little guide that was small enough to take with you virtually anywhere. It's like the instruction manual that didn't come with your horse. Now granted, it doesn't show you how to fix every single problem on the planet, but it covers the majority of them like...
  •  Buddy sour horses
  •  Spooky horses
  •  Disrespectful horses
  •  Lazy horses
  •  Trailering issues
  •  Going too fast
  •  Doesn't want to be caught
  •  Trailer pawing
  •  And much, much more
Communicate Clearer And Better
These flags present a much better feel to your horse than just a whip or even your bare hands. They have mass and also make some noise so the horse can more easily see and hear the flag's position allowing him to better understand which direction you're asking him to move. It also allows you to move your horse's feet with indirect pressure without using physical contact because when using a whip without a flag, you have to touch the horse (or get very, very close) to get him to move. The end result is a horse that responds accurately to your body language which develops a stronger understanding of what you're asking him to do.
Training Courses
9 step-by-step video courses that cover every aspect of horsemanship and horse training including Virtual Clinic, Horsemanship, Earning Respect, Desensitizing, Pre-Ride Check, Riding Fundamentals, Intermediate Riding, Advanced Riding, and Problem Solving.
Video Library
A searchable database of every horse training video Carson has ever made. You'll find hundreds of exclusive crew only training and problem solving videos that you can't see anywhere else.
LIVE Q&A Sessions
Join Carson for a weekly live video session where you can get all your questions answered directly from Carson.
Digital DVD Archive
Watch any video from any of my DVD's through my online digital DVD archive.
Earn Badges
Each time you complete a course, help out another crew member, or do other crew activities you'll move up in rank and earn a new badge. You can share your badge on Facebook or anywhere else online.
Get Help And Support
You'll be able to chat with others who are all working towards building a stronger relationship with their horses, overcoming problems, and building an unstoppable partnership in the CJ Corral Facebook Group. Plus get help and feedback directly from Carson James and other high ranked members of the Buckaroo Crew.
What Our Members Say...
"I have learned SO much by watching Carson's videos and have gained the confidence to begin sessions with my horses. I love how Carson speaks his thoughts to us, letting us know exactly when he sees the try in the horse and how to time the releases." - Chris K.
"I am so thankful to have found Carson James and his supportive family! He has taught me so much and helped me understand how to effectively communicate with my horses... Carson has such an excellent way of breaking down each step, anyone can understand." - Brenda D.
"I thought I knew a lot about horses and training, but Carson James presents much I had yet to learn. He mentions filling in the gaps and holes of training, what an eye opener! I especially like the videos, as most times as I watch its like having a private clinic with Carson James." - Patty P.
"I've worked with several of the best-known "natural horsemanship" trainers in the country, but they've got nothing on Carson. Seriously. I have been riding for 47 years, and I can hardly believe how much I've learned from this young cowboy. He combines a deep understanding of horses with an ability to communicate that with all kinds of people with all levels of knowledge and understanding." - Jamie H.
"Great step by step instructions from basic ground work with an unridden horse, first rides on an un-broke colt, advanced moves broken down one leg at a time, and every solution to problems of all kinds. My husband who has only been riding a year has now trained two horses from the beginning of their training and had them doing advanced side passing by the time they left. I watched in amazement because every single thing in the training videos worked for him and he had no experience. He’s training his third horse now for paying customers." - Angela S.
"Thank you so much. Your easy to follow steps and just how nice everyone is in helping the problem horse or (human). You guys have really hit it out of the park. i am 65 years old and been with horses most of my life, but you have taught me many new tricks or given me a slightly new twist to things that I knew but works much better than what I was doing. My horses thank you immensely as does my husband for keeping me safe." - Deb W.
About Carson James
Carson takes horsemanship back to its original and pure form. His experience working for large ranches in the Northwest, performance trainers, and riding thousands of problem horses around the country has given him the opportunity to practically apply horsemanship at all levels. His ability to break these concepts down into small, easily understandable steps sets him apart from many contemporary clinicians.
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